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Training Rim Online Training

The Training Rim's Virtual 2nd Location is now OPEN!

Dear busy adult who wants to look, feel and perform their best again:

Question: Would you like to benefit from the iron clad, proven programs that the members of the Training Rim benefit from?


Question: Would you also love to look, feel, and perform your best again, but logistical issues keep you from getting to the Training Rim regularly?

If you answered "Yes!" to either of the above questions, the Training Rim's new "Online Training" is for you.

We call it our Virtual 2nd location! It can be your home, the gym you can get to, or anywhere you work out. You'll be working out wherever is convenient for you with your personalized program, written for you, by us.

Easily. We set up a quick call or email exchange, (whichever is easier for you) so we can get some background information we'll need to prepare your program. Things like past and present exercise history, past and present injury history, daily activity levels, diet and current goals.

Then we'll ask you to perform a few exercises from our assessment that we can see. You can either record them and send them to us or you can stop by the TR to do it in person, whichever is easier for you.

Then we'll write your program for you, exactly the same way we write programs for all our personal training clients.

Then we'll use a combination of videos, emails, and phone calls to ensure you understand your program. From understanding how to perform each exercise, and implement each workout, we're there to guide you through it at every step.

We will ask you to set up a schedule and tell us when you'll be working out, then check in with us to confirm you did your scheduled workouts. This is to clear up any questions or issues you may have had. We'll make any necessary adjustments, and repeat the process for four weeks.

And since you were wondering, YES - you will be given nutritional homework as well.

During our initial conversation, we'll establish what we feel are your nutritional "bottlenecks" and assign strategies to overcome them without crazy dieting or neglecting flavorful food.

Interesting question. We've noticed that many (most) trainers who offer services like this give cookie cutter, one size fits all, workouts and meal plans (as opposed to the personalized programs and attention you'll get with us.)

We also noticed the glaring lack of education and experience of most of these fitness "professionals". In most cases, their profile pictures are what they're selling, not their ability to help you.

And we noticed that most charged between $199 and $399 monthly, some with long term commitments.

Now as someone with almost two decades of experience helping busy adults look, feel, and perform their best again, I should charge a little more than that. As someone with a Masters' Degree in Exercise Science, I should charge A LOT more than the marginally educated.

And to be even more blunt: I expect at some point the TR rates will be at the higher end of that range, if not higher.

But for a VERY LIMITED TIME, you can have me as your personal coach, with all the experience and education that comes with me, virtually on call, for 28 days for only $179.

Over 28 days you'll receive:
• A consultation to gather information and establish a plan.
• A movement assessment to establish strengths and potential road blocks.
• A 28 Day exercise plan, modified and adjusted weekly, just like the ones Training Rim personal training clients receive.
• Unlimited email, phone and video support.
• "Check ins" to hold you accountable and eliminate road blocks.
• Nutritional habits homework.

No more guesswork.

No more not knowing what to do and what not to do.

No more lack of guidance or doing it on your own.

And now, no more excuses, period, because you don't even need to get to the TR to receive the benefits.

Look, feel and perform your best again in 28 days for $179.

And yes - like all of our other special programs, this comes with the usual no questions asked, money back guarantee. If you don't get everything you want out of this program, just say so and I'll refund your money.

But again this is a very limited time offer. If you're done with the excuses and you want to get it done for good this time, REGISTER NOW.